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Important information about me: I love pens. Paper, too.


Other information: I am a fairly normal individual, who is very private. (How surprising, a reclusive writer.) Since there are no pictures of me anywhere, I should tell you how incredibly good looking I am... Really, there's nothing more to say, as it is clear I write fiction.


My publisher said I had to provide a picture, so this is what I gave them:


If you would like to ask a question or offer a kind comment, you can send me an e-mail.



As of this moment:


  Dust Covered Dreams
  The Last Old Man


Working on:

  Untitled - Writer's block!
  Fly Fumes





Whatever you decide to do today, please help me in my quest for the perfect writing instrument. (I have given up on finding good writing journals. Have you found a good journal?) Keep your eyes open. If you find something useful and want to send it along, it would be greatly appreciated.


You can contact me with valuable information, or just babble: contact?



Have a wonderful day! You never know where it will lead.




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